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History and Updates on Missionary Manja

Manja's Case to be Decided Soon! - 10/27/03

On October 24, Manja had an all-day hearing before the Supreme Court of Nepal. Much evidence was presented to establish his innocence. A GFA leader in Nepal believes this was an answer to prayer. The final decision on the case will be announced November 9.

For more than three years, Manja has been in prison for a crime he did not commit. We appreciate the many of you who faithfully intercede for this Nepali missionary who has such a heart to reach his country with the Gospel. Now more than ever, it is so important we pray for this precious brother and his family. Pray the Lord softens the hearts of government officials so Manja is released.

Manja Update - A Place to Grow - 09/30/03

It was a big day recently for the congregation of new believers in the mountains of Nepal. The last stone had been set in place, and they now had their own church building, where they could meet for worship.

It all began in 1997, when GFA native missionary Manja had a dream to share the Gospel with unreached villages in Nepal. Nothing could stop him—not even the treacherous cliffs and steep mountain paths he would have to travel.

The Lord gave Manja a burden for one village in particular. The first person he shared Christ with was the chief, a long-haired, bearded man who immediately opened his heart to the Gospel. This new believer’s eyes shone with a glimmer of hope for his village. By God’s grace, Manja led 14 more people to Christ. Many in this remote area, at least four hours away from medical help, experienced His healing touch through Manja.

God even prepared someone to carry on the work after Manja’s arrest. A new believer, Samlal, trained at a GFA Bible school and returned to pastor the church there. As curious onlookers showed up to hear about Jesus, the fellowship grew. Even in rain, cold and snow, they faithfully gathered. But they needed a building to meet in. A recent gift of land from a Christian couple nearby made this possible. “This is a miracle and an answer to our prayers,” Pastor Samlal expressed. “We know the Lord is with us, and we don’t want to delay anymore. Before the rainy season starts, we would like to see a church where we can worship our Savior together!”

The believers started construction. In less than a month, they completed the frame. Leaders from another GFA Believers Church in Nepal traveled at least five hours to help carry wood and stones for the building. The congregation rejoices in what God has done. “I see this church as an ocean of hope and love,” a local Christian said. “This is what our village needed, since there is no hope and love in the darkness!”

Through the courage and determination of a native missionary, Nepalis in an unreached area heard the Gospel and will never be the same. Although still in prison for a crime he did not commit, Manja remains steadfast in his passion to share the Gospel. He regularly meets for worship with cellmates he led to Christ. Do continue to pray for this faithful brother as Nepali Supreme Court officials discuss his case.

Manja's Case Heard! - 06/26/03

After many months of waiting, GFA missionary Manja recently had his first hearing before the Supreme Court of Nepal! Court officials are now discussing his case. Do pray for the Lord to work in their hearts.

Being in prison for four years has not stopped Manja from joyfully carrying out God’s call on his life—to reach the lost of Nepal. “I’ve been sharing the Gospel with new people inside the prison,” Manja recently told a GFA leader. “Every week 10 to 15 people gather for worship in our cell.”

Though wrongfully imprisoned, Manja chooses to trust the Lord and hold no bitter thoughts. “Injustice, false accusation and suffering are part of the Christian life,” he said. “That’s what I see in the teaching of the Lord Jesus, as His follower. The Apostle Paul counted it joy to suffer for Christ unjustly, and it is no less than that for me.”

Manja’s cheerful heart has not gone unnoticed by prison officials, who gave him a leadership position and allow him to handcraft Bible cover logos and purses in exchange for the daily deduction of a few hours from his 20-year sentence.

It touches Manja’s heart that so many of you intercede for him. We trust you’ll take his words to heart as you pray: “In the midst of so many prayer partners I don’t feel alone. I am thankful to each one of you, your family and children. Please know that I’m remembering in my prayers all those who are expressing so much concern and prayer for me. You have blessed me."

Manja Stays Encouraged; Wife Prepares for Ministry - 05/05/03

We received promising news about Manja yesterday. He and six other prisoners have been meeting regularly for Christian fellowship. Because of Manja’s good attitude, he has been given a leadership role in the prison and gets to help with crafts. By hand, he weaves various cloth items, such as Nepali caps and purses. How wonderful it is that prison leaders have noticed Manja’s godly example as he patiently awaits his appeal hearing for wrongful imprisonment.

And there’s more! You may remember us reporting several months ago that Manja’s wife would soon enroll in a GFA Bible school. She did so and is now joyfully preparing to lay down her life to reach lost women and children in Nepal. Their children are in school and doing well.

It brings us joy to think of this beloved family. Do pray for what is so dear to their hearts—the millions in Nepal who have yet to hear about Jesus and His love for them. May the Lord continue to encourage Manja and his wife as they seek to serve Him.

Manja’s Trial Delayed Again - 04/28/03

A busy day at the Nepali Supreme Court prevented Manja’s case from being heard on April 25. We should know the rescheduled date soon. For the past several years, Manja has been serving part of a 20-year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. Do lift this faithful brother to the Lord as he continues to sit in his prison cell and await his appeal hearing.

Manja May Be Released! - 04/10/03

Manja’s appeal hearing before the Supreme Court of Nepal was most recently rescheduled to April 25. As well, we received word that Manja may soon be released on bail due to court restructuring in his favor!

A GFA missionary in Nepal, Manja has been serving several years of a 20-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. He has two children and his wife is continuing to serve the Lord at a GFA Bible school despite Manja's imprisonment.

Let us continue to pray for the Lord’s intervention in this matter. May Manja and his family rejoice “that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18, KJV).

A Worthwhile Investment - 04/10/03

“I was looking something up, and there was an offer for a free book, which I sent for. The rest is history.”

This is how Deb, a GFA supporter in Nebraska, describes her introduction to our ministry. She enjoys sharing about GFA with the junior high Sunday school class at the church her family attends. “I take being a Sunday school teacher very seriously, as I know that what they learn will have an eternal impact on these kids and those they influence,” she said.

Deb still remembers lessons she gleaned from her childhood babysitter, affectionately nicknamed “Grandma.” Grandma taught her from the Bible and gave her a homemade present for learning in order the books of the New Testament. “I remember all the things she did,” Deb said. “And it was just really nice. She made learning an enjoyable experience.”

Now a devoted wife for the past 20 years and the mother of three teenagers, Deb does everything she can to make learning an enriching experience for her curious junior high class. Her church talks about the persecution of Christians in other countries, which gives her the opportunity to share with them about this. She first started telling them about Gospel for Asia after she found out about Manja, a native missionary in Nepal who has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. “When I first told them about Manja, it was like, ‘Wow, this is real, not just a story in a magazine,’” she said.

She has been mentioning GFA to the class ever since. The young people eagerly hear the news, and they almost always ask her if she has received another update.

“In sharing about GFA, I hope my kids will realize how real persecution of Christianity is and that it is not a thing of the past,” Deb said. “I want them to become prayer warriors for those who are serving and for those who have never heard. I want them to know that God can use their prayers just as effectively as if they were over there themselves.”

Monday, March 17, 2003
Manja's Trial Delayed Again

Due to a heavy caseload, Manja’s appeal trial before the Supreme Court of Nepal could not be heard on March 13. As he serves his third year of a 20-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, this GFA missionary in Nepal continues to await his appeal hearing. GFA leaders are in the process of getting Manja’s trial rescheduled to sometime towards the end of April.

May the Lord grant us an ever-increasing burden to intercede for this precious brother and the unreached millions of Nepal. Praise the Lord that Manja has led several cellmates to Christ while in prison!

Thursday, February 26, 2003
Manja's Trial Schedule

The hearing for GFA native missionary Manja to appeal his case before the Supreme Court of Nepal has been rescheduled for March 13. Let us keep this precious brother in prayer as he continues to serve time in a prison cell for a crime he is not guilty of.

Friday, February 21, 2003
Manja's Trial Postponed Again

Manja's appeal case before the Supreme Court of Nepal could not be heard on its most recently rescheduled date of February 20. Because the case that was heard before his lasted a long time, his hearing was postponed for another day. The new date is not yet decided. On a positive note, it looks promising that the chief justice has taken personal interest in Manja's case and wants to hear his appeal. Please lift this dear native missionary in prayer as he continues to wait in his prison cell, serving time for a crime he did not commit. Praise God that he and his family remain determined to see Nepal reached with the Gospel.

January 27, 2003
Manja's Wife Determined to Serve God Despite Delay

Imagine that your spouse is in prison and you are preparing to register for Bible college. Manja, GFA missionary in Nepal, is still in prison after his appeal hearing was postponed yet again, but that has not stopped his wife from fulfilling God's call on their lives--bringing the Gospel to the lost of Nepal.

Due to a heavy caseload and shorter workdays during the winter, the Nepali Supreme Court was not able to hear Manja's case on its rescheduled date, January 23. The new trial date is February 20. Serving his third year of a 20-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, Manja continues to await his appeal hearing.

Manja's wife remains determined to help her husband reach Nepal with the Gospel of Christ. She enrolls in a GFA Bible school next month to prepare for ministry. What a blessing it is that God strengthens and equips this dear sister! Pray for the millions in Nepal who have yet to hear about Jesus for the first time.

Manja's Trial Rescheduled a Fourth Time

Manja's appeal trial before the Nepali Supreme Court has been recently rescheduled for January 23. A GFA missionary in Nepal who is serving his third year of a 20-year prison sentence for a crime he is not guilty of, Manja has watched as his appeal hearing was postponed four times.

Even as he waits in prison, Manja has not forgotten his calling-to proclaim Christ to the unreached of Nepal. God has used him to bring the Gospel message to his cellmates, and at least four have received Christ as a result. This brings to my mind the apostle Paul's declaration that his chains were "...for the furtherance of the Gospel" (Philippians 1:12, KJV). Let us pray that God will continue to use Manja as a witness to those around him. Pray also that He will release Manja from prison if that is His will.

Manja's Trial Postponed
January 9, 2003

Due to a special rice-feeding ceremony and holiday to dedicate the six-month-old baby of Nepal's Crown Prince, Paras, the appeal trial for GFA missionary Manja will not take place on its recently rescheduled date, January 9. We do not yet know the new trial date. As Manja serves his third year of a 20-year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit, he continues to await his Nepali Supreme Court appeal hearing, now postponed four times.

Even in prison, Manja is an example to those around him. A former cellmate, 24-year-old Phenzing, could not help noticing Manja's life. "I was greatly influenced by watching Manja in prison," he said. "I wanted to be like him in speech, thought, knowledge and everyday life." Phenzing is one of several cellmates Manja has led to Christ.

We can praise the Lord for using His servant to spread the Gospel in his prison cell. Let us pray for the Lord's continued encouragement, protection and guidance for this dear brother and his family.

Manja's Trial Rescheduled
December 30, 2002

Manja's hearing to appeal his case before the Supreme Court of Nepal has been most recently rescheduled for January 9, 2003. A Gospel for Asia native missionary serving his third year of a 20-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, Manja has had to wait as his hearing was postponed several times.

Even though Manja spent another Christmas in his Nepali prison cell, GFA staff members visited and encouraged him to keep on serving the Lord.

Praise the Lord for drawing several prisoners to Christ through Manja's testimony. Please continue to pray for this dedicated missionary and his family.

Special Report - Manja’s Trial Postponed a Third Time
December 13, 2002

The Nepali Supreme Court appeal trial for GFA missionary Manja has been postponed a third time. It is expected to take place in approximately one month.

Earlier this year, a Nepali court gave Manja a 20-year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. A GFA leader who visited Manja in prison a few days ago reports that he is joyful in the Lord. Please keep praying with us that God will continue to encourage and strengthen this dear brother and his family. Praise God for allowing Manja to lead at least five prison cellmates to Christ.

December 10, 2002
Manja's next scheduled date before the supreme court of Nepal is December 12, 2002. Please be praying for his release!

Special Report: Manja's Cellmate Takes Public Stand for Christ! - November 22, 2002

Recently 34 new believers in Nepal openly professed their faith in Christ. Among them was 24-year-old Phenzing, a former cellmate of GFA missionary Manja Tamang. "It is very special to know that my sins are forgiven," he says. "I am a new creation."

Manja led him to the Lord in prison.

Phenzing landed behind bars early this year after being falsely accused of terrorist involvement. And when Manja began telling him about the one true God, he couldn't hear enough. "Like a child I listened to Manja tell of Jesus," he recalls. "It was an amazing story."

"I was greatly influenced by watching Manja in prison," he adds. "I wanted to be like him in speech, thought, knowledge and everyday life. Manja's smile always reminded me of his clean heart."

In October Phenzing was declared innocent and released. One of the first things he did as a free man was to purchase his first Bible and hymnbook. Like Manja, his life desire is to share the Good News with others.

Along with the other 33 new believers, Phenzing belongs to the Believers Church of Marpur, a fellowship Manja planted before his imprisonment.

"Through the fervent prayers of many," writes a GFA leader in Nepal, "this region is experiencing a fresh breakthrough. Many souls are being released from the bondage of Satan into the freedom of Jesus!"

Special Report - Manja's Trial Postponed Again
November 22, 2002

The appeal trial of GFA missionary Manja Tamang before the Supreme Court of Nepal has been postponed a second time. Manja's case was one of six docketed for November 21, but time permitted only three cases to be tried. A new trial date has not yet been set.

On November 21, Manja was transferred to a facility in Kathmandu where living conditions for prisoners are more favorable. This is an answer to prayer for GFA leaders, who filed a transfer request with authorities months ago. "This prison is much warmer and better," said a GFA Nepali leader. "Now we will be able to meet with our brother regularly." Poor travel conditions made it difficult for leaders to visit the facility where Manja was formerly held.

Early this year, a Nepali court sentenced Manja Tamang to 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. After the guilty verdict was upheld in an appeal to a higher court, the case was filed with the Supreme Court.

Thank you for your continued love and prayers for Manja and his family.

November 14, 2002

Word came in this morning from our field leader in Nepal that Manja's court date has been postponed until next Thursday, November 21. Please continue to intercede on behalf of Manja Tamang, his wife and two small children. This may seem to be a setback but it gives us all more time to pray for our brother's release from prison.

Nepali Supreme Court to Hear Manja’s Case - October 28, 2002

As we reported in August, an appeal in the case of native missionary Manja Tamang has been filed with the Supreme Court of Nepal. His first hearing before the Supreme Court is set for November 14 in Kathmandu.

Falsely accused and convicted of murder, Manja is serving his third year in prison under a 20-year sentence. Recently his legal counsel began to dialogue with the personal assistant to the prime minister of Nepal. The talks were disrupted in early October, however, when Nepal’s king appointed a new government.

Manja has led at least four inmates to the Lord since his arrest. Meanwhile his wife and two young children are living in a home for the families of persecuted GFA missionaries in Nepal.

“Please pray with us for God’s intervention in this matter,” requests a GFA leader in Nepal. As God leads, would you please consider praying and fasting to seek the Lord on Manja’s behalf.

Manja leads fellow prisoner to the Lord - July 25, 2002
Greetings from the staff of Gospel for Asia. I have some great news about Manja, our GFA native missionary imprisoned in Nepal. Although he still faces 18 more years in prison apart from his wife and two young children, Manja has not lost sight of the Lord's calling on his life--to reach Nepal with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since his arrest two years ago, Manja has been sharing a single cell with three non-Christians. Through Manja's testimony of faith and joy, one of these men has received Christ as his Savior! What a blessing it is to hear this, especially in light of the fact that less than two percent of Nepal's 24 million people are known to be Christians.

I pray this news will bless you. May God increase our burden and times of intercession for the hundreds of millions of people in Asia who have never even once heard a Gospel presentation.

A Shelter for the Persecuted - May 1, 2002

On April 21, an Ashraya (Nepali for "shelter") was dedicated for the use of persecuted Christians in Nepal. After two hours of prayer and thanksgiving, the shelter became home to the wife and children of Manja, our Gospel for Asia missionary who is currently serving a 20-year prison term under false accusations. Another family to join the shelter is the wife and children of Yagya, a Gospel for Asia missionary who has been missing since January.

Please pray for peace to reign in Nepal. Pray that Manja's court appeals will turn in his favor. Pray that Yagya's family will receive some word as to his location. And pray that this home will bring the hope and comfort of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering in this war-torn land.

Manja Sentenced to 20 Years - February 25, 2002

Recently we learned that Manja, a GFA missionary in Nepal, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after anti-Christians accused him of a crime he did not commit. His wife and two small children wait at home.

Please join with us in fervent prayer for Manja's release and for the salvation of millions in Nepal who are still waiting to hear the Gospel for the first time. We will keep you updated on this situation as more information becomes available to us.

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