April 24, 2014- 1:43pm
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It's A Process!

Ever "process" chunks of life. I don't always have a pretty response to life. I journal. I lay it out there, the good, the bad, & the ugly. At first, it may be nasty, but then the spirit rises up & takes me to the other side. This getting to the other side starts on the inside & positions you to see results on the outside. I have posted a clip from my journal below. – Fight today! Our spiritual weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!

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From my journal

Even as I have prayed for the discernment to see opportunity for growth and breaking through and for the ability to discern when I am in life changing moments of opportunity….I pray also that as the enemy uses the tactics that have been successful in my life in the past…that I will recognize these as life defining moments also….that I will not only see the positive opportunities in my path, but that I will also recognize the enemy in his attempt to stop me and derail me and that I will win in these moments and truly they too will become life changing , life defining moments to accompany the other open doors I am sure God is bringing…I am believing for change in my relationship with the family, my relationship with Chip, my calling…being where I need to be and doing what I need to do to fulfill my destiny so to speak…our finances, my health, and friendship….and I see the enemy laying snares for me all along the way…every day…he is relentless….to trip me up in making progress in these areas…using tools that have been effective in keeping me where I am….so devil…this is a head’s up…I will plow through in Jesus name…God has my back and I hear the Holy Spirit’s voice of discernment as I set my face like a flint to move forward, to move into my destiny…get behind me satan in Jesus name….in Jesus name you are a defeated foe…I already have all I need to conquer the giants and enter into the place of promise….thank you Father for being my constant helper…thank you for keeping my foot from being taken…thank you for identifying the enemy and his schemes each and every day in every area of my life…thank you for the will to fight, thank you for keeping your eye on me and for fighting for me….thank you for all things that DO work together for GOOD….help me to trust you more regardless of what I see…let me live by the sight of faith, which is the eye that calls things that are not as though they were…thank you Father…for victory and for a life that will truly cause people to look up to you…thank you that your favor surrounds me like a shield….thank you for your protection….for taking care of each of us…thank you for peace that passes all understanding….thank you Father...thank you Father!

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