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April 18, 2014- 3:43pm
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God Gives The Increase

God offers us the privilege of being a part of what He is doing on planet earth, in hearts, in lives, in every imaginable area. Adventure? You betcha! What can compare to knowing that God is using you to accomplish His purpose. An honor, a privilege. Once in a while, we get a little consumed with our part of Godís process.

The natural world mirrors the spirit world, hence we are surrounded by natural things we understand, that God can use to open our spiritual understanding. Corinthians says, Some plant, some water, but it is God that gives the increaseÖ

My youngest son gave me a small plant for Motherís Day. Itís in the kitchen windowsill. It has plenty of access to sunlight. Itís right by the kitchen sink, so it gets watered on a regular basis. I love my little green spot there on the windowsill. Each time I water it, talk to it or turn the pot to make sure it's getting the right proportion of sunlight on all sides, I am reminded of my son. Some days I am stunned by its growth or the flower that seems to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One thing is certain. I donít stand over the plant and watch it grow. Someone else planted, I water, but God is the one who makes it grow.

I think of the many areas spiritually that we plant or water. We sow the gospel to a lost soul, we sow love into our children, we sow our tithes into our churches, we sow time and love into relationships. Sometimes we are the planter, sometimes we are the one who waters. Your words may reinforce the encouragement that a person or child has received elsewhere, those words are planted and watered. Every day we are planting, we are watering, and every day God is giving the increase.

We donít pitch a tent by our flower pots or our gardens, waiting to see that our planting or our watering is making a difference. We plant, we water and we go about our business, knowing that we have done our part and that the good Lord will do His part. Funny how often Godís part happens when we arenít watchingÖif you set up camp by your home grown tomato, chances are it will not grow right before your very eyes. So much of what God does, He does while we are not watching. And then BAM, it happens, there it isÖGod gives the increase. God gets the glory!

If you have sown into your children and you have not seen the increase yet, if you have been faithful in your tithes and have not seen Godís increase, if you are praying about a situation that has pierced your heart and havenít seen the change, donít set up camp, checking the status every two minutes, pitching a tent over your part until you see the breaking forth of Godís increase. We do our part, but itís Godís part that makes the difference. If you get too anxious, you can over water a plant and kill it. Be sensitive today to the Lord and let Him direct your planting, your watering and your releasing the result, which is the increase, to Him.

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