April 25, 2014- 2:35am
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Black Dog

We learn from Elijah’s life that even committed believers in Christ can fall prey to depression. Winston Churchill called it “black dog.” It comes as a shock to some saints that even they can be hit by this dark melancholy of the soul.

Depression hit Jonah. It prowled through the corridors of Job’s tormented mind. It appears that even the great Apostle Paul suffered a racking depression during his first visit to Corinth.

We should not be surprised. Depression is as old as man and it can stem from the most common of emotional pains. There are some things the sufferer can do in the midst of Churchill’s “black dog.”

Elijah withdrew from the public eye for a while. Maybe you could do that too, but whatever you do, do not allow yourself to wallow in what Bunyan called the “slough of despond.”

Stay busy. Do not allow yourself the luxury of brooding. Do not feed that hound. Talking helps if you can find someone you truly trust.

Involve yourself in something you really enjoy doing. Recreation is not always frivolous, good friend. In recent months, I have found great relaxation at the gym. Recreation really means to re-create.

Do you work hard? Then do not feel guilty about playing hard as well. Ask God to give you a positive viewpoint on the world around you.

I sometimes get flak from folks outside of our church who do not understand our “mover and shaker” concepts of ministry. I cannot afford the time in fighting back I just love them and keep working.

Yes, old “black dog” has nipped me at times also. I am not going to feed him or pet him. I will keep on keeping on! I can do all things through Christ, so ... I will!

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