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April 17, 2014- 11:12pm
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What Sacrifice?

Yes, I know it is April Fool’s Day, but this Byline is written with seriousness. I was with two missionaries last night, a couple that minister in a Muslim country where representing Christ can get you killed. They are having a very difficult time raising support for their next term in that far-away land.

So far they have presented their work in 130 churches and received 13 commitments of support. Let that sink in a little: only one church in every ten, churches that purport to be evangelical, caring, and in accordance with Christ’s Great Commission. One-TENTH of those have promised financial support.

Even then, several of those churches made a $5 a month faith promise. A whole $5 a month! Just kind of tears at your heartstrings doesn’t it--sacrifice of that dimension? One church leader turned them down flat to even have a service in his church and snarled, “Those Muslims do not deserve to be saved!”

Let us see now, what was it Jesus ordered, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature except Muslims?” I cover this nation from coast-to-coast in public services and I am often astounded to see the lack of missions’ commitment in many churches.

You could take all their compassion for the lost and put it in a flea’s navel and still have room for the Queen Mary. Well, I will tell you that we took that missionary couple under our wings, not only with a large offering last night, but with a full monthly support faith promise as long as they are on the field.

God supplies the resources, but His children have to be obedient first to His directive!

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