April 21, 2014- 10:28am
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Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Abeville
Saturday: 8:15 PM - 8:30 PM

Join us each Saturday evening at 8:15pm with Pastor Tracie Millard...

Service Times & Locations

Hilton Garden Inn CajunDome
2350 W. Congress Street
Lafayette, LA 70506

As a Pastor, called by God, I have been given a Vision to fulfill God’s purpose in the Body of Christ. Ephesians 4:8-12 states, “He gave gifts unto men for the perfecting of the saints and edifying of the Body of Christ . . .” Every Pastor is a “gift” to the Body of Christ.

The vision is to “Change the Nation by Impacting a Generation through teaching the Word of God. First, to teach the basic principles of scriptures and develop a “spirit of faith” in the partners. Partners, who are members, in turn teach these same principles to others as the congregation grows. Secondly, God has specifically called us to the Southwest Louisiana geographical area. Our assignment is to provide a strong spiritual foundation which will in turn foster a strong social and economical structure in the community. Our purpose is to minister to the needs of the “whole” man; spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically. The vision consists of believers of every race, creed and culture coming together to worship God and affect change in the region.

Proverbs 29:18 states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” We embrace the vision and assignment that the Lord has given us and we are acting on His Word. Our responsibility is to clearly explain the purpose and goals to successfully bring forth The Vision.

As a young child God began to show me where he was taking my life. At nineteen years old, sitting in my college dorm room, He clearly spoke to me regarding this call into the ministry and set me on a path to prepare me to fulfill this assignment. For every call, purpose, or assignment there is a preparation period, posturing period and positioning period. We have been mentored by great generals in the Body of Christ. Our covering and spiritual parents are Drs. Mike & DeeDee Freeman who have lovingly, effectively, and efficiently prepared us for the Call of God on our lives: “Go and teach my people who they are in me through and by the transforming resurrection power that lives within them.” We are created to succeed in everything we set our hands to do. Joshua 1:8 states, “then we shall make our way prosperous, and then we shall have good success.” God is successful! Thus, it is God’s plan for this ministry and every believer to be successful!

As Pastor of this ministry, God has made me the head, but the head is ineffective without the hands, feet, legs, arms, and other parts. I Corinthians 12:14 reads, “For the body is not one, but many.” So it is, that there are many parts but one Body. Everyone is important in bringing the vision to pass!


We are a supernatural church, composed of supernatural people, doing supernatural things, in a 5-star manner. We are workers together with Christ, building and discipling people of purpose, power, praise, and faith through fellowship. We are a life-shaping, world changing, transformation machine. We are building strong families and their finances, while reaching out to the unsaved, the untaught, and the un-churched. We are receiving an abundance of miracles, an abundance of wealth, and an abundance of souls. WE ARE CHANGING THE NATION BY IMPACTING A GENERATION in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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