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KAJN Surveys are a way for you to offer your feedback to KAJN. You may even receive a reward for your time! To view a list of KAJN Surveys, click on the KAJN Surveys link located on the main Loyal Listener Club menu.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I participate in KAJN surveys?

  • To give us your feedback click on the KAJN Survey link located on the main menu.
  • A page will appear with a list of survey options. Find the survey in which you would like to give us your feedback and click on the Take this Survey option.
  • If you are ready to take the survey click the Take The Survey Now button to begin.
  • One question per page will appear on some surveys - give your answer then click the Next Question button to move onto the next question.
  • Follow the same process until you have completed the entire survey - NOTE: it will be displayed how many questions are left at the top of each page.
  • Once you have completed the survey click on the Finished button and your feedback will be submitted.
  • What if I do not have enough time to complete a survey?

    If you run out of time while taking a survey just choose the Click Here to Finish Later option - then return to the survey when time allows to complete the survey. When you return to the survey it will indicate Finish This Survey, once you click this option it will direct you to the question where you left off.

    Can I take a particular survey more than one time?

    No. You can only provide your feedback once per survey.

    What type of player will I need to participate in music KAJN surveys?

    KAJN will identify what player is necessary to install in order to complete the music survey.

    Will I receive points for taking part in a KAJN survey?

    For some surveys you will receive points credited to your Loyal Listener Club account. The point value will be indicated in the survey description shown on the survey listing page.

    How do I get back to the Loyal Listener Club main menu?

    At the top of the screen there is an option for Menu, click on that option to return to the main menu. -OR- Down at the bottom of each screen you will see a Back to Loyal Listener Club Menu. Use this option to return to the main menu.

    How do I Log Out of the Loyal Listener Club?

    At the top of the screen - click on the LogOut option to cancel your session in the Loyal Listener Club.

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