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Auction Item List

From time to time KAJN will sponsor an auction. This may be for a local charity, or a chance for you to bid on specials from KAJN or its advertisers. Auctions may involve currency, points, or both.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I participate in the KAJN online auctions?

To particpate in KAJN online auctions visit the Auctions option located on the Loyal Listener Club main menu.

How do I place a bid?

  • Select the auction item on which you want to bid from the list and click on the Place a Bid on this item link.
  • The bid item description, current bid, next bid needed and bid range are shown. Enter your bid amount in the My Bid field - then click the Please Accept My Bid option. (or if you would like to cancel your bid hit the cancel option). Your bid has now been submitted and you will be contacted by KAJN if you have the winning bid.
  • How do I know when bids are accepted?

    The bidding range is shown next to each each auction item in the list. If you do not a start date/time, the bidding process is already underway.

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