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Bidding on Auction Items & F.A.Q.

To bid on a KAJN auction item:

  1. Click on the Place a Bid on this item link to open the bid placement page.
  2. Input your bid amount and choose the Please Accept My Bid option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I purchasing auction items with online credit?

No - the auction is simply a commitment (unless you are making a bid with points). If you are the winning bidder, KAJN will contact you to collect your currency payment (if applicable). Point bids will be deducted from your account when KAJN declares a winner.

How do I place a bid?

  • Find the auction item you want to bid from the list and click on the Place a Bid on this item option.
  • An auction item description is shown, along with the next required bid amount. Enter your bid in the My Bid field, and click the Please Accept My Bid option. If you would like to cancel your bid choose the cancel option. Otherwise, your bid has now been submitted and you will be contacted by KAJN if you are a winner.
  • When does the bidding start? When does it end?

    The bidding range is shown as part of the description of each auction item in the listing. If the start time is not shown, bidding is already underway for the particular item. If no bid link appears, bidding for the item has concluded.

    How will I know if KAJN received my bid?

    A confimation page appears after you submit your bid. If you acknowledge the confirmation, your bid is placed. You can verify this by checking the current bid amount on the auction item listing.

    How will I know if I have the winning bid?

    KAJN will notify you indicating that you are the winner. In some cases, winning bidders are notified by email; and other participants in the bid are also notified the auction has concluded.

    How can I tell if a auction item is a point or cash value?

    Under each auction item description it will define what type of purchase the item entails - ie: Currency ONLY Auction Item or Point ONLY Auction Item or Currency and Point Auction Item.

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