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April 20, 2014 - 4:01am
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Offense, Someone's Going Down

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The post below came after I had been hit with a deeply offensive knee jerk reaction was in the flesh....offense is a progress-killer. It is going to take someone took me down to my knees, which gave me what I needed to get up again and to keep moving forward! Here is a portion of my journal as the Lord moved me from hurt and anger into obedience to prayer and victory in my heart. I hope this will help you to recognize the power of offense, which is - The Bait of Satan (John Bevere's book) and that we will all choose the POWER of prayer, God's provision as a way of escape when we are hurt and offended. Here's the journal post:

Then it hit me….I was in a life changing service last night and this circumstance was coming in to undo all that God had done…because when you have unforgiveness and anger…you don’t please the Lord… the battle started….I am like God…I don’t want to lose ground, but you have got to be kidding me…this is too much….they have crossed the line…all in the reaction mode and then I consciously went into the prayer mode and begin to pray for God to keep them safe, that they would have a wonderful day, that their family relationships would be restored, just everything blessing…everything the opposite of what I was feeling….and I was crying as I prayed….but battling my way through it in obedience to the Word…knowing all the while I cannot allow the enemy to steal from me any longer…this hurt…actions that showed true colors…but there is a lost and dying world out there and this "hurt" is a distraction to God’s purpose for my life and His design to use me to reach the lost and to build up people and to fulfill my destiny….so am I hurt…yes….not as angry as I was….I will probably have to pray God’s blessing on them the whole day to combat the feelings that may stir up again….but this cannot be a stopper…I have to move forward….God is doing a work in me and I cannot afford the luxury of getting off course and being angry…you know - bottom line is that how people act or how we all feel…these things don’t change God’s Word and the power in it…and that power is translated and imputed to us through our choice to obey it Plain and simple…so already….this has not been a day of defeat, but a step toward more victory, more determination to go forward and to do so in obedience and with a clean heart…

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Scriptures - KJV or Amplified Version

Provers 25
21If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;(B) 22For in doing so, you will [a]heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord will reward you.

Footnotes from Bible Gateway:
Proverbs 25:22 This is not to be understood as a revengeful act intended to embarrass its victim, but just the opposite. The picture is that of the high priest (Lev. 16:12) who, on the Day of Atonement, took his censer and filled it with "coals of fire" from off the altar of burnt offering, and then put incense on the coals to create a pleasing, sweet-smelling fragrance. The cloud or smoke of the incense covered the mercy seat and was acceptable to God for atonement. Samuel Wesley wrote: "So artists melt the sullen ore of lead, By heaping coals of fire upon its head: In the kind warmth the metal learns to glow, And pure from dross the silver runs below."

More Scripture
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Mtthew 5:44

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven ( left, remitted, and let go of the debts, and have given up resentment against) our debtors.
Matthew 6:12

For if you forgive people their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment], your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matthew 6:14

But if you do not forgive others their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment], neither will your Father forgive you your trespasses. Matthew 6:15

Be gentle and forbearing with one another and, if one has a difference (a grievance or complaint) against another, readily pardoning each other; even as the Lord has [freely] forgiven you, so must you also [forgive].
Colossians 3:13

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others].
1 Peter 4:8

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