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April 23, 2014 - 10:38am
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Fireproofed by God

FireProofed by God - Scriptures posted on Christian News page by type of fire.

Ever seem like your life is on fire, like the temperature is rising all around you?
The car breaks. The air conditioning goes out. Your child falls out of a tree and breaks an arm. A leaded blanket of discouragement hits you and weighs you down. Grocery money runs out, and payday is still several days away. A trusted friend has been busy talking about you behind your back. A tongue that once was healing to your life, now ablaze, a destructive flame that threatens to give you 3rd degree burns of the heart?

In 45 years of life, like you, I have seen my share of fire. You wake up, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, then out of nowhere, your life is on fire. The Lord stirred me about the ďtestingĒ, the ďfireĒ we go through. I Peter and James talk about our faith being tried by fire. God is so incredible Ė His Word covers so many different types of fire. We are covered Ė fireproofed through it all!

Thereís the fire that comes when we are tempted. See the verse posted from 1Corinthians. Tempted how? We are all so different. What tempts me may just be an arrow that falls to the ground when it hits you, but lands between my eyes, with the power to change my course. Some of us are tempted by old habits that we know are sinful. I think as people who have committed our lives to the Lord, our temptation may wear the face of discouragement, fear, gossip, anger, unforgiveness, wasting time, lusting after things, approval of man, chasing idols, made through our deepest affections. Temptation is one kind of fire. God provides a way of escape with every temptation. Itís up to us to take the escape hatch. See I Cor. 10:13. We are fireproofed!

Thereís the testing of our faith. Circumstances loudly challenge Godís Word. We tithe, but still seem to just get by. Godís Word says He will open the windows of heaven on the one who tithes. We know Godís Word is true, but we canít see the open windows, all we see is the stack of bills. The test Ė Do we continue to tithe? Prayer Ė The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. We have prayed, but NOTHING has changed. Do we keep praying? Purpose Ė Jer 29:11ÖGod has a plan for us, to give us a hope and a future. The doors seem sealed shut. When will that plan unfold, hope is slim pickings, the future doesnít look that bright, more like the same ole, same ole. Do we continue to surrender each day to the Lord trusting Him with the result of our obedience, that even the excruciating steps are part of His plan. Do we invest the gifts God has given us, even when we donít see the ďinterestĒ growing? Someone we love dies, Why? The fire that tests our faith will burn off unbelif and fear, but since it's a fire under God's control, it will not burn past the dross or impurities that need to go. We are fireproofed!

Then thereís the fire of the enemy. The thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy. The roaring lion that seeks someone to devour. Let me just refer you to the portion of Daniel 3 pasted. The enemyís fire comes to destroy, but this is a fire that has to go through God before it reaches us. That means we are fireproofed. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego werenít in the fire alone. The fire was real. It killed the men who opened the furnace to throw them in. God was with them in the fire. When they came through the fire, they werenít burned. Remember they had robes and turbans on. They were highly flammable! Maybe your circumstances are highly flammable too. When you walk through the fire, God is with you, you will not be burned. (Is 43:2) They didnít even SMELL like smoke. That means, when we are out of the furnace, back with blue skies, we are not walking around with singed clothing or 3rd degree burns. We donít even smell like smoke. Godís grace is amazing! Satan is the roaring lion, but it is God who searches the earth, for someone to show Himself strong on their behalf. A fire under God's control, we are fireproofed!

Today, fire may come to test your faith. Godís fire will burn up the things that need to go. Itís a fire under Godís control. We are fireproofed! The enemy would like to reduce you to ashes through his fire. STILL a fire under Godís control. If the fire comes from the enemy, IT WILL NOT BURN US. God is with us. The truth to remember today is that in all fire, God is in control, we are fireproofed.

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