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April 21, 2014 - 3:10am
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Inspirational Stories

7 Wonders of the World

60 Second Sermons

A Moment of Joy

A Quiet Place

Beautiful One-Liners

Beggar At The Door


Black and White Poem

Childhood Memories

Declaration of Independence

Do You Love Him?

God Is

God is Like...

God is There

Go For The Gold

Great Truths


Hello God

How Big Is Your Storm

How To Be A Friend

I Believe

The Dash

Inspirational Alphabet

Inspirational Quotes

I've Learned

I Wish For You

It Was Good

Jesus in my Heart

Last Week I Threw Out Worrying

Let Me Be Like Coffee

Let Me Give

Life and Chocolate

Math Problems


Message by George Carlin

Minister's Sermon



My Quilt

Precious Memories

Real Riches

Remind Me


Rudy's Angel

Sand and Stone

Side By Side, The Holy Bible and the TV Guide

Simple Pleasures

Spiritual Acronyms

Spiritual Vitamins

Story from 9-11

Strong Women Vs Women of Strength

Tangled Hair

The Blood of Jesus

The Cost of Kids

The Diver

The Empty Chair

The Final Analysis

The Gift of Forgiveness

The Lord's Baseball Game

The Most Beautiful Flower

The Most Important Part of the Body

The Pearls

The Positive Side of Life

The Son, The Son

The Tablecloth

The 23rd Channel

There is a Reason For Everything

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Thoughts on Children

To My Child


Watch and Listen Carefully

We Are Blessed

When God Created Fathers

When The Wind Blows

Whisper Jesus

Whose Hands

Why Women Cry

Windshield Wiper Lesson From A Child

Wisdom of a Child

You Tell Who You Are

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