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12/27/2012: 2013 is only a few days away....
2012 has come and gone, seems like it gets a little faster each year...Have you already thought about 2013 and what you would like to accomplish....

What are your plans for the New Year ( 2013)
Haven't even really thought about it yet!: 20%
I have made specific plans and am very excited...: 80%
Thinking about it...: 0%
What where did 2012 Go!: 0%



1/13/2012: Reading your Bible....
How many of you have been able to read the bible all the way through!

Have you ever been able to read the Bible all the way through?
Yes: 36%
Yes, I do this every year.: 5%
No: 10%
No, But one day I would like too.: 44%
I am challenged to start now and see what I can do!: 4%

1/18/2010: READING THE BIBLE...

Do You Use Facebook or MySpace
Facebook: 77%
MySpace: 2%
Both: 8%
Don't care to be a part of there sites: 10%
Not sure about using these sites: 3%

12/16/2009: 2009 IS COMING TO AN END
It's have to believe we are in the final weeks of 2009....Where did the time go....What has the LORD done in your life this year...

What has the Lord done in your life this year....
I am so amazed in how much the LORD has taught me....: 53%
I have become a Christian in 2009: 6%
I have drawn closer to the LORD this year....: 6%
Wish I could say more....But looking forward to a new year and a new start...: 18%
Expecting Great things in 2010: 18%

6/25/2009: Summer Vacation
As summer is in full swing....and people begin to make vacation plans, we'd like to know what you look forward to most during summer.

What are your vacation plans....
Big vacation!: 14%
Time at the beach / Water Parks: 14%
Little League baseball!:: 6%
Summer Church Camps!: 6%
Just stayin close to home!: 60%

2/9/2009: 2009...How did we already get here...
We are already in the year 2009...What happened when we were worried about Y2k in 2000.....What great things do you have planned this year...

What great things do you have planned for this year?
Haven't thought about it yet!: 18%
Whatever the Lords leads me to do....: 25%
I have made some plans and am following through with them....: 29%
Praying and waiting on the Lord....: 29%

1/2/2009: We are in 2009
It's hard to believe...seems like just yesterday we started 2008....and We were amazed how fast time was going by....

What great plans do you have for 2009?
Don't know yet.: 15%
I want to do more for the Lord this year than before....: 46%
About the sames as I have done.: 8%
This will be the year to great and mighty things for the Lord.: 31%
I will have to think about this.: 0%

4/3/2008: Summertime's bustin' out all over!
If it's hot and humid, it must be Louisiana in the summertime, right? As school lets out and people begin to make vacation plans, we'd like to know what you look forward to most during summer.

As school lets out and people begin to make vacation plans, we'd like to know what you look forward to most during summer.
Big vacation!: 19%
Time at the beach / Water Parks!: 14%
Little League baseball!: 7%
Summer Church Camps!: 14%
Just stayin close to home!: 47%

11/21/2007: Summertime's bustin' out all over!
If it's hot and humid, it must be Louisiana in the summertime, right?

As school lets out and people begin to make vacation plans, we'd like to know what you look forward to most during summer.
Big Vacation Plans: 40%
Summer Baseball/ Sports with the Kids: 33%
Beaches / Water Parks: 20%
Just staying at home: 7%

8/9/2007: Kajn will be celebrating 30 Years of Ministry this October.
KAJN Radio will be celebrating 30 Years of Ministry this October, How Long have you been part of the KAJN Family of Ministries?

How Long Have You Been Listening to KAJN Radio
1 Year of Less: 7%
2 - 4 Years: 22%
5 Years - 7 Years: 9%
More than 7 Years: 58%
I don't remember.: 4%

3/12/2007: We are already well into 2007
Are You Considering Making Vacation Plans Yet? If so What are you Planning on Doing??

Are You Making Vacation Plans Yet
Yes, They are already made!: 22%
I am working on them!: 26%
Not At All: 30%
Haven't Even Thought About Vacation: 17%
I will the week before we go!: 4%

1/1/2007: The New Year is Here!
The New Year is already upon us! Do you have any special plans for 2007?

Have You Made Any New Years Resolutions?
Yes: 29%
No: 26%
I am thinking about it.: 3%
No, I don't make resolutions.: 32%
What, 2007 is already here?: 11%

1/1/2007: The New Year is Here!
The New Year is already upon us! Do you have any special plans for 2007?

Have You Made Any New Years Resolutions?
Yes: 0%
No: 0%
I am thinking about it.: 0%

10/23/2006: Holidays
With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, are you preaparing ahead of time this year or are you a last minute shopper?

What kind of Holiday shopper are you?
I am already done!: 26%
I have been buying all year, so I am almost ready!: 9%
I Havent bought a single item!: 42%
What, how many weeks away.: 19%
I wait until the last minute anyway!: 5%

7/11/2006: School Time is Near
The new school year is quickly approaching, for some sooner than others. With summer coming to an end, what has your family done this summer.

Have you taken a vacation yet, or do you plan too?
Yes, Already had a great time.: 21%
No, the plans keep changing.: 11%
No, doesn't look like we will be able to go this year.: 32%
Yes, I am working on the final plans to go.: 11%
What's a vacation!: 26%

4/10/2006: Daylight Savings Time
There is currently a bill in Louisiana, trying to approve that we would stay on Daylight Savings time all year!

Do you want to stay on Daylight Savings Time Yearly
Yes: 62%
No: 23%
Doesn't really matter to me.: 12%
Haven't hear about this!: 2%

1/5/2006: Thanks for Visiting the KAJN Website!
Thanks for visiting the KAJN Website, Tell Us What you Think!

Which Part of The KAJN Website do you enjoy visiting the most?
The Front Page: 40%
The Staff Page: 20%
The Upperroom: 11%
The Chrsitian News: 14%
The Program Schedule: 14%


YES: 40%
NO: 30%

8/23/2005: KAJN Concerts
KAJN is a sponsor of area concerts...We love to meet our listeners are concerts.

Have You ever attended a KAJN Sponsored Concert and if so have you met any of our staff?
Yes, Quite a few!: 9%
Yes, 3 or 4: 7%
Yes, 1 or 2: 3%
No: 24%
Not yet, but I would like to!: 56%


YES: 29%
NO: 38%


YES: 0%
NO: 0%

4/25/2005: Last Weeks of School
The last few weeks of the school year are upon us, have you planned a vacation yet???

Have You Planned Your Vacation???
Yes, Can't Wait: 29%
No Way, I better get busy: 20%
Vacation, What's that?: 27%
I am thingking about it?: 24%

3/10/2005: Sponsorfest 2005
Sponsorfest 2005 will begin on March 28th. Will you try to win?

Have You Ever Participated in our Sponsorfest Promotion?
Yes, I won: 19%
No: 37%
Yes,I didn't win: 13%
Never Participated: 17%
What's that: 13%

3/10/2005: Sponsorfest 2005
Sponsorfest 2005 will begin on March28th. Will you try to win?

Have You Ever Participated in our Sponsorfest Promotion?
Yes, I won: 0%
No: 0%
Yes,I didn't win: 0%
Never Participated: 0%
What's that: 0%

1/13/2005: Our Armor of Prayer List
On our Home Page we have A Armor Of Prayer List, for our Local Military who are serving in other countries! Who we pray for daily.

Have You Visited The Armor Of Prayer List
Yes: 34%
No: 22%
Did not Know About It: 15%
Yes, I pray for the troops: 29%

12/18/2004: Christmas Countdown....
Christmas is only a few days away, Have you finished your shopping?

Are you Finished Your Christmas Shopping?
Yes: 46%
No: 23%
Almost: 15%
Not at all!!!: 0%
What Christmas is how far away????: 15%

11/16/2004: Operation Bible Kits for Troops
Have you contributed?

Have you heard of Operation Bible Kits for Troops, if so do you plan to contribute?
Yes: 56%
No: 11%
Don't know about it?: 33%

7/28/2004: Back to School...
It seems like summer just started, but most schools only have abou 3 weeks until they start.

How much shopping have you completed for Back to School ?
None: 33%
Some: 19%
Half: 38%
Haven't thought about it!: 5%
I'm in trouble, need more time!: 5%

6/24/2004: Vacation Bible School
Summertime is here, and Vacation Bible Schools are being taught throughout our area. Kids learn so quickly and this is a great way to learn about the Bible.

Will you send your kids to VBS, if so How Many!
None: 20%
One: 32%
Two: 24%
Three: 8%
Four or More: 16%


How often do you visit the KAJN/FAMILY VISION Website in a Week?
1-3 Times: 43%
4-6 Times: 21%
7-10 Times: 21%
11-14 Times: 7%
15 or More Times: 7%

4/24/2004: Contest

How often do you visit the KAJN/FAMILY VISION Website in a week?
1-3 Times: 43%
4-7 Times: 6%
8-10 Times: 29%
11-14 Times: 14%
15 or More Times: 9%

4/13/2004: Extracirricular
Our lives are full of juggling acts these days. Children have many irons in the fire these days also.

Which of these activities do you or your children particpate in?
Sports: 38%
Music lessons: 14%
Ballet or dance: 14%
another activity: 29%
2 or more of the above: 5%

4/9/2004: A Star is born....
TV viewers have been taken by storm with TV shows like American Idol and Nashville Star.

Would you like to see a Christian version of American Idol?
Yes: 83%
No: 0%
What is American Idol: 17%
I don't watch TV: 0%

4/6/2004: Easter: What's it all about?
Some holidays have at least some Christians walking on egg shells. Do we do Santa? Do we do the Easter bunny? Does the real purpose of the holiday become eclipsed by something really smaller in meaning, but more commercial?

How do you celebrate your Easter?
Going to church on Easter Sunday: 33%
Discussing the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus: 0%
Having an Easter Egg Hunt and giving chocolate: 0%
1 and 2: 50%
1, 2 and 3: 17%

3/21/2004: America at War

Should we take our troops out of Iraq?
Yes: 31%
No: 69%

3/17/2004: Christians in Media, Politics, and Entertainment
There are many views when it comes to a Christian's place in the world. From the "Letting your light shine in darkness to the in the world, but not of it views in this area, where do you feel the balance of these truths lie?

Do you feel it is important to have Christians in prominent roles in these areas?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

3/8/2004: A Message Driven Home?
Our last poll asked the question, "Do you plan to see The Passion?" The new question is for those who have already seen it.

Did seeing The Passion change your life and deepen your relationship with the Lord?
Yes: 96%
No: 4%

2/24/2004: The Passion
The news has been a buzz with stories from every angle imaginable surrounding Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion.

Do you plan to see The Passion?
Yes: 91%
No: 9%

2/17/2004: On the bayou...
Who says there are four seasons? Winter, spring, summer and fall....what about crawfish season and shrimp season?

Does your mental calendar include crawfish season?
Yes: 77%
No: 23%

2/4/2004: What is the Upperroom?
Have you ever visited the UpperRoom section of the KAJN website? There are prayer partners available to pray with people that call in and you can also send prayer requests in to be posted on the website.

Have you ever emailed a prayer request to the Upper Room to be posted on the KAJN website?
Yes: 15%
No: 85%

1/29/2004: Turn Your Radio On!!!!
Many listeners have commented over the years that they keep their radio on 24 hours a day.

When do you listen to KAJN Radio?
On the way to work: 28%
On the way home from work: 17%
All day: 34%
Only to programs: 3%
Only to music: 17%

1/21/2004: Who do you remember?
Many DJ's have come through the doors of KAJN and warmed the hearts of our listeners...some are still around and some of these are gone.

Who do you miss from the old days?
Barry Thompson: 26%
Joe Gall: 16%
Debbie Reed: 26%
Michael Istre: 5%
Chris Munson: 26%

1/2/2004: To Crossover or Not To Crossover
Many Christian artists have expanded their music ministry to secular audiences.

How do you view crossing over?
It's a compromise: 25%
It's an opportunity for greater ministry: 23%
It's a matter between the artist and God: 30%
I am strongly against it: 18%
I support crossing over: 5%

12/26/2003: New Year's Resolutions
Almost every person alive thinks about making a New Year's resolution. From exercising to losing weight, to praying more to saving money, people are making plans.

Will you make a New Year's resolution?
Yes: 50%
No: 50%

12/11/2003: Christmas Traditions
The Christmas season is full of activity and fun. Most families have made this more special with family traditions.

What makes this season special to your family?
Reading the story of Jesus's birth.: 28%
Being a blessing to a hurting family.: 17%
Christmas music and hot cider or chocolate.: 22%
Decorating the tree.: 0%
Fabulous food favorites.: 33%

11/25/2003: KAJN Website
Thanks for visiting the KAJN website.

What part of the website do you visit most often?
Our Staff: 7%
Music: 29%
Who's Number 1: 43%
Upper Room: 0%
Christian News: 21%

11/4/2003: KAJN Contests
Winning cash and prizes is great fun for KAJN listeners.

Which contest is your favorite?
KAJN Gospel Express: 79%
KAJN Match Game: 0%
KAJN Bible Wheel: 4%
KAJN Trivia Contest: 4%
KAJN Rewind Contest: 12%


: 11%

9/28/2003: KAJN Advertisers
KAJN appreciates all of the advertisers who help support the ministry of KAJN.

Do you make it a point to do business with those advertising on KAJN?
Yes.: 70%
No.: 30%

9/25/2003: Do you ever slow down?
The pace of life has sped up and most families are not getting the Down Time they need.

Is Sunday a day of rest in your home?
Yes: 80%
No: 20%

9/17/2003: How Many Kids Do You Have?
There aren't many kids these days that come from large families. Can you remember the stories of large families or maybe you come from one.

How many children are in your family?
None: 0%
1-2: 24%
3-4: 52%
5 or more: 24%
Too many to count!: 0%

9/3/2003: What is your favorite style of Christian music ?
Christian music has experienced so much growth over the past two decades. The choices are many and most of the time, the favorites are many as well. Whether it is Southern Gospel, Contemporary Gospel or any of the other styles of music, you are sure to find your flavor in the world of Christian music.

What is your favorite type of Christian music?
Contemporary: 63%
Alternative: 15%
Southern Gospel: 11%
Praise: 4%
Rapp: 7%

8/31/2003: How do you get involved?
There are so many social and political issues in legislation and being presented to us on television. Do you write TV networks and tell them you dissapprove of programming? Do you call your Representative or Senator in reference to your stand on bills coming up for vote?

Do you make your voice heard on issues affecting us today, politically or morally?
Yes: 0%
No: 0%

8/26/2003: Ten Commandments
We have featured several stories and news releases following news surrounding Chief Justice Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments.

Should Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore remove the Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial center?
Yes: 0%
No: 100%

6/26/2003: Gay Couples
There have been more moves in advancing the homosexual cause than ever before. Laws have been changed along the way and even some churches have changed their stand.

Do you think it is right for homosexual couples to marry?
Yes: 24%
No: 76%

5/30/2003: Political Issues
Do you stay informed on issues such as abortion, human cloning, judicial nominees, the homosexual agenda and other issues that are shaping our society?

Do you stay informed on political and moral issues?
Yes: 85%
No: 15%

5/19/2003: Family Health
Most families today have an abundance of extra-curricular activities on their plates. The pace sometimes distracts us from making sure we are putting healthy things on our dinner plates.

What would best describe your family?
We are all careful about taking care of our bodies.: 0%
We are too busy to make healthy eating a priority.: 20%
We are improving in the healthy eating and exercise departments.: 80%
We are all couch potatoes and exhausted at the end of the day.: 0%

4/22/2003: Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a time to honor and pamper Mom. People find different ways to express their love and appreciation. What is your way?

What do you do for Mother's Day?
Take Mom out to eat.: 17%
Breakfast in bed.: 0%
Give her a nice gift.: 70%
Give her a free gift like a massage or help in some way.: 13%
Give a special card or a special phone call!: 0%

4/5/2003: Christian Artists and Movies
Over the years many Christian artists have made their break into television or the movies. Do you think this is an effective way to broaden their influence?

What do you think?
Yes: 67%
No: 21%
Depends on the role: 12%
Leads to compromise: 0%
Acting is role playing not a reflection of the person's beliefs: 0%

2/14/2003: Economic Recovery?
Do you think the economy will improve when the war with Iraq is over?

What do you think?
Gas prices will drop significantly.: 17%
The general economy will pick up.: 24%
Things will stay about the same.: 2%

1/14/2003: To War or Not to War?
There's been much said about going to war with Iraq. Many people have put forth various options.

Would you go to war with Iraq?
Yes: 74%
No: 26%

9/15/2002: Who'd you like to see?
There are lots of people traveling across America in concert.

If you could select the next concert, who would you bring to the area?
Avalon: 38%
True Vibe: 5%
Steven Curtis Chapman: 23%
Phillips, Craig and Dean: 11%
Someone else: 23%

1/19/2002: Money, money, money!
Varying reports show the economy on the way back or becoming a little wishy-washy.

Are you concerned about where we're headed?
No, it looks good to me.: 18%
Well, maybe a little.: 30%
Very concerned.: 52%

12/8/2001: Here comes the Cold!
We've been teased a bit with a cool night here and there, but winter is on the way.

What do you look forward to most?
Snow (yeah right!): 21%
A hot bowl of cajun gumbo: 29%
Throwing another log on the fire place: 17%
Going to Florida on vacation to get away from the cold: 10%
The holiday spirit that usually comes this time of year: 24%

11/10/2001: All about your money!
The economy has become a centerpiece of conversation, especially with all the terrorist attacks.

Will the current state of affairs cause you to spend more or less money for Christmas?
More: 5%
I'll spend about the same: 63%
I'll definitely spend less than last year.: 32%

10/17/2001: The Terrorism Scare
Obviously many things have changed since the horrifying terrorist attack on September 11 and the subsequent Anthrax scares.

Are you concerned about something happening close to where you live?
Yes. If they're in our country, it could be here.: 50%
No. Security is good and I'm not concerned at all.: 25%
I hope not. I'm trying to keep a good face on about it all.: 25%

9/16/2001: Tough Choices
On Tuesday, Sept. 11, after the brutal attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, President Bush had authorized U.S. military jets to shoot down any American airliner that would not respond or would not detour from its course toward Washington last Tuesday.

How do you feel about the policy?
Yes, if it saves lives and terrorists are in control of the plane.: 75%
No, under no circumstances should we shoot down civilian airplanes.: 13%
I don't know.: 12%

9/8/2001: It's beginning to feel a lot like . . .
Cooler weather is just around the corner. And with it all the winter-like activities.

What do you look forward to most in cold weather?
Gumbo: 45%
Football: 18%
Sitting around the fire place: 18%
Snow (yeah right, here in Louisiana): 5%
I'm not looking forward to cooler weather.: 14%

8/26/2001: Speak Your Mind
Governor Foster is asking citizens of Louisiana to tell him what they think of the use of cameras to help catch and ticket motorists who run red lights or speed. You can express your opinion by clicking on www.gov.state.la.us. Citizens will be asked to give their opinion on other important issues in the future.

What do you think of the use of cameras for catching traffic violators?
No cameras: 46%
Cameras in some locations: 46%
Cameras everywhere: 8%
Can they put on camera on my bumper to catch tailgaters?: 0%

8/11/2001: Concert anyone?
Lots of new artists and some good ol' favorites.

Who would you most like to see in concert?
FFH: 24%
Third Day: 28%
Avalon: 22%
Michael W. Smith: 10%
Newsong: 15%

7/4/2001: Vacation time!
Forget the check book, don't worry about getting time off. There's lots of places to go in the world

Question is...where would you go if you could pick any place for a summer vacation?
Colorado mountains: 29%
Orlando/Disneyworld: 16%
Northeast, like Maine or Vermont: 11%
France or somewhere in Europe: 20%
Hawaii: 24%

6/26/2001: Vacation Time!
The way we spend our vacations has evolved over time. Most Americans spent a week or two traveling in the summer with their families. Now vacations are spaced throughout the year.

What will you do this summer with your time off?
I don't have any time off in the summer.: 12%
My family will take a trip somewhere for a week or more.: 54%
We'll just take a long weekend and that's it.: 21%
Our vacation will be spent at home; no travel plans.: 12%

6/11/2001: Periodical Review
There are literally thousands upon thousands of magazines and newspapers available today.

What do you read most often?
Newspapers: 45%
Magzines like Time, Charisma: 18%
Mostly online articles: 24%
Industry specific periodicals: 3%
I don't read regularly: 9%

6/6/2001: Death sentence
Timothy McVeigh has been sentenced to death and, barring any last minute delays, he'll be put to death on Monday for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Do you agree with McVeigh's death penalty?
Yes: 79%
No: 21%

5/18/2001: Version a la You
Go into a Christian book store and it seems that the selection of Bibles is endless.

What is your preferred version of the Bible?
King James: 26%
New American Standard: 29%
New King James: 21%
Amplified: 13%
Some other version: 11%

4/13/2001: Favorites
There are many men and women on television and radio today, many from this region.

Which do you like to listen to or watch the most?
Jesse Duplantis: 27%
Joyce Meyer: 34%
G.E. Patterson: 10%
John Hagee: 18%
Charles Stanley: 12%

3/29/2001: Let's Go to the Movies!
There was a dramatic increase in the number of good, clean movies last year, according to the publisher of Movieguide.

How many R-rated movies do you see over the course of a year?
1-2: 16%
3-4: 11%
4-5: 13%
5 or more: 45%
Never.: 16%

3/14/2001: How's the prez doing?
George W. Bush has been in office since January 20 and has taken many initiatives, including a tax cut effort and a faith-based social plan.

Using a basic report card method, how do you think George W. is doing thusfar?
A: 41%
B: 24%
C: 17%
D: 7%
F: 10%

2/28/2001: You're the Webmaster!
There are many things we could have on our web site.

What would you like to see more of?
More info on announcers/staff: 27%
Information on Contests (and online contests): 19%
More special features/articles/devotions: 18%
Information on artists/groups: 24%
More frequent news/weather updates: 12%

1/28/2001: It's an age thing!
We're curious what age groups most often visit our web site. Help us out? (We're not taking names!)

What age group are you in?
1-18: 14%
19-30: 18%
31-40: 25%
41-50: 26%
51-over: 17%

1/17/2001: Super Who?
The New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens have completed the long and winding road to the Super Bowl and will face each other on January 28.

Who's going to win the Big Game?
Baltimore: 57%
New York: 43%

12/24/2000: New Year's Resolutions
People have been making New Year's resolutions for generations.

What about you? Do you make resolutions for the new year to "turn over a new leaf."
No, I don't believe in them.: 29%
I try to do better, but don't actually make resolutions.: 38%
Yes, I make resolutions and do my best to keep them.: 18%
Yes, I make them, but I usually don't keep them.: 15%

12/4/2000: All I Want for Christmas . . .
Merchants throughout South Louisiana look forward to the holiday season. Most businesses make about one-quarter of their entire year's profits in the month of December.

How much will you spend on Christmas gifts this year?
$0-$149: 15%
$150-$249: 11%
$250-$499: 22%
$500-$1,000: 25%
Over $1,000: 27%

11/23/2000: President Who?
It's been more than two weeks since we went to the polls to vote for the next president of the United States. George W. Bush and Al Gore have been locked in a battle over the state of Florida to determine the next occupant of the White House.

How much have you paid attention to the wrangling and court battles since the election?
I've been glued to my TV or radio.: 33%
Kept up with it a little.: 30%
It disgusts me, so I stopped paying attention.: 24%
What election?: 12%

11/11/2000: Thanksgiving
As the holidays rapidly approach, many people are making plans to get together with family.

What are your plans for this Turkey Day?
I'll have Thanksgiving at home with my immediate family.: 29%
Everybody's going to Grandma's house!: 43%
My family's too far away. I'm spending it with friends.: 6%
A little turkey and lots of football!: 14%
Thanksgiving is really not a big deal at our house.: 9%

11/7/2000: Whew! The election's over!
It may be only a few months before the next presidential election cycle begins (hopefully not), but this is winding down. The Christian Coalition distributed more than 65 million voter guides and other churches and groups were involved heavily in the election.

Do Christians place too much emphasis on politics?
Absolutely, way too much!: 50%
No, Christians need to be involved.: 20%
Churches/Christians should be involved even more.: 30%

10/28/2000: The Election
The presidential election is on November 7. The polls are indicating it may be the closest finish in 40 years. Still, many people say they may or may not worry about going to the polls.

What will you do on election day?
I'll vote if I have time. But it's not a priority.: 17%
I never vote and I probably won't this time.: 7%
I'm not old enough to vote.: 10%
Come rain, sleet or snow, I'll vote. It's my civic duty.: 57%
There's no one compelling enough to make me get out and vote.: 10%

10/20/2000: Waving the conservative flag
George W. Bush and Pat Buchanan are the two most well-known conservatives in the presidential race. Al Gore and Ralph Nader are self-proclaimed liberals. Still, many people are not comfortable with the level of conservatism of Bush, who has seemingly wavered on some issues.

How do you feel about George W. Bush's brand of conservatism?
He's just like Ronald Reagan, the original conservative: 9%
Not real comfortable, but he's all we've got: 26%
He's right on the important issues (abortion, tax cuts, morality): 24%
He scares me. I'll hold my nose and pull the lever though.: 32%
I can't bring myself to vote for him. It's Pat all the way!: 9%

10/17/2000: The Great ISP Debate
There are scores of Internet Service Providers across America, more than 3,500 at latest count. While we can track most of the ISPs that visit our site, we wanted to know which one you most frequently use.

Select the Internet Service Provider you are presently using.
America Online (AOL): 52%
BellSouth.net: 24%
Earthlink: 5%
Juno.com: 10%
Filtered Internet Service: 10%

10/1/2000: President Who?
Well, after months of positioning and weeding out the pretenders and after thousands of polls and surveys, it's down to a few remaining choices for President of the United States. With the election just a few weeks away, it's time to narrow the four choices to just one.

For whom will you vote on November 7 to be the next president?
George W. Bush: 59%
Al Gore: 20%
Ralph Nader: 3%
Pat Buchanan: 19%

9/13/2000: Relationships with Children
A recent survey indicates that conservative, protestant parents may spank their children, but that the image they are abusive simply is not true.

What form of correction do you utilize in your home?
I never spank my child: 5%
I let the youth pastor or pastor deal with my children: 3%
I try to "reason" with my child and use spanking only as a last resort: 35%
I take things (like bicycles, privileges, etc.) away as punishment: 16%
I don't hesitate to spank when necessary: 41%

9/7/2000: Religion vs. Politics
Religion has been all over the presidential campaign...and we've just passed Labor Day! George W. Bush has talked of his commitment to Christ, Pat Buchanan speaks openly of his faith and Joe Lieberman never misses a speech without making references to God.

Which statement best reflects your feelings?
Leave religion out of politics altogether: 7%
I'd like to know where a candidate stands regarding his faith: 33%
I don't really believe they're sincere: 7%
They'll say anything to get my vote!: 27%
It's nice to have some real convictions running for president: 27%

8/29/2000: Fall is On the Way!
Summer's over. Yeah, right! Okay, the heat is still going to be with us for a while, but the season is changing, if only with the kinds of things we can look forward to.

What do you look most forward to this fall?
Football, man!: 26%
Cold weather: 32%
Presidential politics: 6%
Praying for snow...again: 13%
Thanksgiving and Christmas: 23%

8/23/2000: Let the Games Begin!
One of the areas of our site we have been developing is a games area -- for both adults and children. These will be fun and educational and, most of all, clean and Bible-based. The fun will begin within the next few days.

Which of the following will you most likely play?
Crossword Puzzle: 28%
Hangman: 24%
Universal Trivia: 8%
Phrase Invaders: 20%
Word Search: 20%

8/10/2000: Presidential politics
Religion has quickly moved to the forefront of the presidential campaign, since Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Joe Lieberman have injected their faith into the campaign. But religion may be one of many issues we'll hear about this fall.

What do you consider to be the most important issue in the presidential campaign this fall?
Potential Supreme Court nominess: 39%
Religion: 11%
Abortion: 19%
National defense: 17%
My pocketbook: 14%

7/28/2000: Do you have a favorite?
There are a lot of Christian singing groups today. Everything from Christian country to Pop to Inspirational and Rock.

Which of the following groups is your current favorite?
Phillips, Craig and Dean: 33%
Avalon: 19%
FFH: 14%
Sierra: 7%
4-Him: 26%

5/25/2000: Summertime's bustin' out all over!
If it's hot and humid, it must be Louisiana in the summertime, right?

As school lets out and people begin to make vacation plans, we'd like to know what you look forward to most during summer.
Big vacation!: 58%
Time at the beach.: 9%
Yard work.: 9%
Little League baseball.: 9%
Summer camps.: 15%

2/14/2000: What brings you here?
As you know, the World Wide Web has many things to offer. Some good, some bad! The new KAJN Family of Ministries web site offers you many different opportunities--hundreds of pages of information on everything from news, weather and concerts to FREE e-mail and photos and programming guides. Check it out!

If you're planning to come back -- and we hope you are! -- what feature of the new site will you come back most often to use or participate in?
KAJN and FamilyVision Program Guides: 26%
Community Events/Concert Info: 24%
Updated news/weather: 24%
Info and pictures of Artists, Staff: 5%
Listen to KAJN, Watch FamilyVision online: 21%

1/28/2000: President Who?
There are several candidates who are running for president and the Republican and Democratic nominees are likely to be known sooner rather than later. But are we choosing from the best?

Other than the declared candidates, who would you like to see run for President?
Colin Powell: 33%
William Bennett: 29%
Christine Todd Whitman: 0%
Pat Robertson: 29%
The people already running are fine!: 10%

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